Quote & Pic of the Day, No. 5 of 24

I have learned all too well that I am prone to being anxious about what is next up for me in this game of life. I don’t get too concerned about the day to day things, but more about big picture things such as career choices, relocating to another home, dealing with confrontation, and even discerning God’s will. So, when I heard this quote in a talk a few years ago it resonated with me. Perhaps it will provide you with some comfort and peace regardless of the cause of anxiety. BTW, I am waiting for my 1960 Corvette!

April 16, 2014 019

” Enjoy what you have while you wait for what you want.”  Tony Evans

Quote & Pic of the Day, No. 1 of 24

Have you ever found yourself in an inspirational lull before? That’s where I seem to be at the moment, but I want to write and share…I need to…to help me keep the creative juices flowing. I worked on a post for a couple of days, but felt it to be rather dull so I nixed it. Given my state of mind, I thought I would share some of my favorite quotes, coupled with a photograph which may or may not have a direct correlation to the quote. Many people quote other people, and are very good at it. I follow Moorezart whose website includes posts that have a quote and piece of art represented from that particular artist. I am not attempting to compete with Douglas or copy him. I simply find his posts to be insightful, thought provoking and enjoyable to look at and read. My purpose is similar which is to inspire, perhaps educate, and to be enjoyable to view. I will post a quote starting today and conclude on April 30th. Hence the 24 days. Hope you follow and like each post this month. Comments are welcome. After the quotes are completed, I should be out of my lull and back into the swing of things, so-to-speak. This last sentence is a self-pep-talk. Ha!

9-6-8-2014 017

” Nothing is really ours until you share it ”   C.S. Lewis

Floral Artistry

7-8-14 002I am of the opinion that nature produces the most breathtaking artistry known to man. And, flowers are near the top of the list when it comes to sheer variety and beauty. I am also of the opinion that I am most fortunate to enjoy every facet of God’s creation. Not everyone is so lucky.

If I couldn’t see this yellow flower, then perhaps I could touch it. But if I couldn’t feel it, then maybe I could smell its fragrance. If I couldn’t detect it by smell, then someone would have to describe it to me. Should I know only silence then I would be in a real pickle. I can think of one solution to this dilemma; a kind person would have to pick this flower from the base of its stem and gently brush the bloom across my face. Once I know it exists in softness and glorious fragility, the kind individual would put it in a vase for others to experience. Just because I couldn’t fully comprehend or enjoy the presence of a fresh flower doesn’t mean others shouldn’t. So, go ahead, inhale, feel the unopened blooms, touch the stamen, admire the form and color of this blossom and be so bold as to taste a droplet of water clinging to the chiffon petals..

Then, plant a seed or bulb for the next sojourner to enjoy. Natural beauty is too precious not to share and celebrate. And, should you come across another who is limited by physical or mental disabilities, be creative and share a portion of the art that surrounds (or is in) all of us, especially the art of a kind and compassionate soul.


Projection 6-2-14Yesterday morning’s routine was like any other Monday with the exception of this photograph. The difference is simple. Rather than look at the sky and crane and piers, I stopped and shot a photograph of them. Most likely, it won’t win any prize, but I found the image captivating; nature’s beauty with her array of colors and swirls as a background for the projections of steel sprouting up from the earth like trees. God and Man…genius and ingenuity… creator and created. Some see a disparity between the two, but I see unity. Soon, a hotel and convention center will replace the crane. Then, the piers won’t be visible, nor will the rest of the foundation system. However, without these unseen supports this structure could not stand. All of this is rather similar to our existence and God’s foundation of eternal influence and grace; without these man and his civilizations would quickly crumble. As the old saying goes, you can’t always judge a book by its cover, and in this comparison, one can’t experience our reality without the unseen foundation of God’s love for His creation. So, enjoy what we’ve been given even if it is only a glimpse of the sky or the possibility of a vacation in a luxury hotel.