No Matter What

It was exactly two years ago that my sweetheart and I spent a week  in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Soon, we will be re-tracing this trip. So much has occurred since 2014 that I won’t bother to trouble you with the details. It was hard.

However, we all know life can throw a lot of darts at us. Sometimes they stick and cripple us, and other times they hurt, but don’t destroy. Such has been this year for us. We are still standing.

For those who are ahead of the curve, and have experienced a great year, I congratulate you! You are most fortunate. May each coming year be the same for you.

Should our positive or negative past experiences change the other way, please know that these realities may seem forever, but change will happen. Our lives are never static. When we have an open mind, are willing to make adjustments, and accept help when it is available-we will persevere.  I have found strength in God’s divine assistance as He is not in the business of failure or misery. Plus, life is too short to settle for mediocrity.

With that said, I wish Cheryl a very Happy Birthday!



It has been too long since I posted anything. As with many jobs, working full throttle seven days a week dulls one’s mind and affords little time to be creative. In spite of my circumstances, which many can relate, I offer this single photograph of my prized Red Maple before she shed her leaves. The colors are true to life-they need no enhancing. Enjoy a child’s view of the sky with a tree in the way! Enchanting…