“Seasons c h a n g e and so did I, you need not wonder why…”

Partial lyrics from the song, No Time (1969), by the Canadian rock group,The Guess Who.

The song goes on to describe a broken relationship, and no time for just about anything. However, most of us know there is a reason for the seasons and have a grasp of time, regardless of how fleeting or honey-dripping slow it may seem. Here in the middle of America’s heartland we experience four distinct weather-related seasons. It is Autumn now. Trees, shrubs, and vines change colors like Chameleons, all-the-while beginning the process of shedding their foliage in preparation for the next season. Green grass turns brown. People begin to wear sweaters and jackets as the temperature drops.

Obviously, every living thing has at least one season of life. My choice for this brief post is the change that occurs in human lives as a result of seasons. There are a plethora of expressive descriptions relating to life’s seasons, and to add to the collection seems rather redundant to me. Plus, I don’t believe I can improve on some of the most insightful, and sometimes witty quotes.

First, change is inevitable: age, health, wealth, experiences, perceptions.

Second, change most certainly involves seasons, but may also occur very quickly.

Third, seasonal changes usually involve health, new insights, sometimes limitations, adjusted perceptions, altered responses to circumstances, increased despair or hope.

Fourth, cliche’s become boring, politcal fighting is seen as wasteful, the realization that government can’t really fix a whole lot of anything, distrust creeps into our psyches, beauty often becomes obscurred, mankind needs help, but knows not where to find it.

Fifth, and most importantly, change, especially seasonal changes, can be the most exciting periods of our lives. May it be so for each one of us.

Perhaps a circumstantial, mental, or spiritual adjustment may be of help..