Horses, cows, sheep, bison, zebras, gazelles, rhinos, marmots, and an assortment of other mammals graze on various types of grasses. This is universal while living on planet Earth. When used in this context, graze simply means to feed on grass and pasturage.

When people graze, we slowly eat small portions of food, especially appetizers.Yum.

Another use of the word ‘graze’ means ‘to touch or rub slightly while passing something’. And, it can mean ‘to scrape the skin so as to create a cut or abrasion’. This often applies to being wounded by a projectile.

I recently came across a restaurant called Graze (makes me want to eat there) and a landscape company (not sure about their competency). Also, there is a snack food company in the United Kingdom which shares the same name.

So much for the word “graze”. It’s fun just to create something about nothing which isn’t beneficial or uplifting…kind of like our ‘unpresidential’ debate.