About Michael Doran

I have been encouraged and inspired by many throughout my life, and seek to do the same for others. My blogs and photographs reflect who I am and what I am thinking or seeing at the moment I post something. I hope what I share brings pleasure and meaning to others. Thank you for viewing my posts.



First snow…first breath…first kiss…first compliment…first rebuke…first love, first job…first ‘A’…first ‘F’…first gift…first sprout…first pet…first birthday…first place…first loss…first swim…first ski…first haircut…first shave…first flight…first car…first bicycle…first friend…first layoff…first promotion…first birth…first funeral…first ice cream…first failure…first success…first drink…first haircolor…first accident…first homerun…first fear…first friday…and the list is endless.

Try starting with your first “Ahaa” moment!

Grateful to all of you who read my posts. May you experience a pleasant ‘first’ this week!


Green truck

Visited a local non-profit car museum in the area last Saturday and came away with a greater appreciation of man’s ingenuity and craftsmanship. Of the thirty or so pristine vehicles of all eras, makes and types, I was struck as to how well they were presented.


Many who came to view these gems can recall them vividly in their younger years…they were common back then, but still special in their own right.


From work truck, to muscle car to luxury convertible of yesteryear, every car had something unique to reveal.

I thought of all the hours and materials it took to restore these beauties to the condition they are now in. Previously, the paint dulled, the metal rusted, the tires and interiors rotted, the motors ceased up and parts were missing or broken. Yet here they sit as if they came off the assembly line some forty years, some sixty and some one hundred years later.

Then I thought of people and ages and the correlation with these vehicles. We come in all shapes and sizes, various conditions of health and fitness and certainly with a variety of ages. One thing stands out to me…actually two: I don’t believe we can be polished like new again while in these earthly tents (no matter how hard we try), and, second: we will become better than new when we enter Heaven. We will shine even more than the chrome and paint that is on these cars now !

No Greater Love

Unconditional Love


Jesus stated, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”.

This mom (and dad) lay down their lives for their special needs daughter, 24/7/365.

As do so many of you.

No other words are necessary.


P.S. Please excuse the resolution…image shot with cell phone then enlarged.


Trunk & Leaves (2)

Yesterday, I watched a multitude of vibrant colored leaves fall to the ground caused by a strong southern wind. What once was green grass is now red and pale maple leaves (the pale being the underside of each leaf).

Within a short period of time I was looking at a carpet laid down by nature…fascinating!

I recalled as a child witnessing the same spectacle while sitting inside our home and looking out of our picture window. Then, leaves in abundance meant leaves to play with. Did you ever rake-up huge piles of leaves then run a jump on top of them? I did, along with my sisters. Running and jumping into the pile wasn’t good enough so we climbed our large Silver Maple tree from where the leaves came from and dropped onto the pile.

Unfortunately the pile didn’t cushion the falls as well as we wished so we kept adding more and more leaves to the pile and climbed higher and dropped farther each time. Eventually, the effort and the pain wasn’t worth it so we would stop, but boy was that fun for awhile!

Mom would have liked us to finish the raking job, but we just couldn’t as hot chocolate needed our full attention.

Remember when?



IMG_1771 (3)

Forgive the lack of clarity of this image of my friend, but he caught me off guard as we shared a few jokes. It was all I could to do to pull up my Canon and fire away.

Laughter is like that sometimes…we can just burst out with a giant guffaw or heehaw in this case! Whatever triggers a good laugh is worth its weight in gold. There is nothing like a hearty chuckle to set people at ease and dispel any animosity.

So, I hope you enjoy sharing something to laugh at this weekend, and laugh at someone else’s well-intentioned joke or comment. Go ahead and snicker a time or two…it will do you good !