East to West


Tuesday morning, 0730, western Kansas City, cold and overcast.

Stepped outside to leave for business.  The eastern sky startled me. The western sky reassured me.

To see the sun begin to rise in the east and the moon begin to set in the west at the same time is fairly common, but rather special, too. One is so vibrant and the other so soft as it fades away due to the morning’s brilliance.

The cloud dynamic adds a dramatic element to the one, and a firm point of reference to the other…rather like some people do when we encounter them.

Had lunch with a friend of mine today. He is such an encouragement and always looks at each day as simply that…another day. If we screw up, we have another opportunity to do better (assuming we are given the chance). We both have struggled through serious depression about the same number of years and period in time, but he seems to have a firmer grip on what makes one tick and how to respond to the negative thoughts we all succumb to which affects our moods, doubts and self-images. I appreciate him so much.

Just look at the recent tragedies in Vegas and Texas. Talk about warped self-images. How sad for all concerned. In some way, all affected become victims. However, this post isn’t about those terrible incidents. It is more about beauty and awareness and life. It is about overcoming, too. It is meant to encourage instead of discourage. I see flags flying half-mast everywhere and know why, hence, the monologue about recent tragedies. Yet, the flags will fly at full-mast again. So should we after we falter from life’s harsh realities.

I know this statement may seem harsh and even naive to some, but such is not my intent. One never gets over tragedy…one must simply overcome it’s consequences which can be extremely difficult. I have personal experience with this reality. May these photos lift your souls as they did mine when I first witnessed these scenes early this morning.




East to West…emerging to fading…repeating cycle everyday…redemption waiting.






No Matter What

It was exactly two years ago that my sweetheart and I spent a week  in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Soon, we will be re-tracing this trip. So much has occurred since 2014 that I won’t bother to trouble you with the details. It was hard.

However, we all know life can throw a lot of darts at us. Sometimes they stick and cripple us, and other times they hurt, but don’t destroy. Such has been this year for us. We are still standing.

For those who are ahead of the curve, and have experienced a great year, I congratulate you! You are most fortunate. May each coming year be the same for you.

Should our positive or negative past experiences change the other way, please know that these realities may seem forever, but change will happen. Our lives are never static. When we have an open mind, are willing to make adjustments, and accept help when it is available-we will persevere.  I have found strength in God’s divine assistance as He is not in the business of failure or misery. Plus, life is too short to settle for mediocrity.

With that said, I wish Cheryl a very Happy Birthday!