It has been too long since I posted anything. As with many jobs, working full throttle seven days a week dulls one’s mind and affords little time to be creative. In spite of my circumstances, which many can relate, I offer this single photograph of my prized Red Maple before she shed her leaves. The colors are true to life-they need no enhancing. Enjoy a child’s view of the sky with a tree in the way! Enchanting…


Dawn’s Light

60D Carson 10-15 006

As the early morning light filtered through the leaves of our red maple tree and illuminated the wall, Carson was wakened from his slumber to greet the morning.

Now for a bit of breakfast followed by squirrel chasing, much sniffing around the trees, and a walk around the perimeter fence to look for intruders, it is time for another nap.

Wouldn’t it be fun to be Carson for a day!