Patches of Tangerine

IMG_1955 (3)

Have you ever come across a brilliant sky and simply admired the magnificence of it?

Fleeting is the word, and opportunistic is the vehicle to capture such a sight before it changes into a totally different canvas.

As I drove into town this morning, this is what I saw. I had my camera with me in the Jeep so I pulled it over and took a few shots. By the time I made it to my destination the sun had peeked out and the sky looked foreign from only ten minutes before.

Certainly I have taken more dramatic photos of the sky, as have many of you, but this one just appealed to me a lot. The soft streaks of tangerine colored clouds against a faint blue background and the dark side of a large tree line made it irresistible.

Life is rather like the sky…ever changing. Sometimes it is brilliant and at other times it is gloomy. Often it is simply dull. The good news is that, like the sky, our lives do change on a regular basis. I hope your lives illuminate the world as this sunrise did for these clouds!

Dawn’s Light

60D Carson 10-15 006

As the early morning light filtered through the leaves of our red maple tree and illuminated the wall, Carson was wakened from his slumber to greet the morning.

Now for a bit of breakfast followed by squirrel chasing, much sniffing around the trees, and a walk around the perimeter fence to look for intruders, it is time for another nap.

Wouldn’t it be fun to be Carson for a day!


6-24-14 004Optometrist: With the spoon over your left eye, please read the top lines, and then the bottom numbers.6-24-14 003 Optometrist: Now, with the spoon over your right eye, please read the top lines and then the bottom numbers. Which is clearer: the first image or the second?  Patient: Well doctor, it all depends on what I am focusing on. Optometrist: What do you mean? Patient: When I stare at the object in the distance I can see it clearly. And, conversely, when I focus on the object up close I can also see it clearly. However, I can’t seem to focus clearly on both objects at the same time. What should I do? Optometrist: That’s simple. Open both eyes when you stare at something and all will be clear. Patient: You mean I don’t need corrective lenses? Optometrist: No, but don’t be mistaken…you need vision correction, but that won’t be achieved with glasses, contacts or LASIK. Patient: Then how? Optometrist: By changing your perspective. None of us can see clearly when we view life from a narrow point of reference. We must expand our field of vision which allows more light to enter through our eyes, into our minds, and which eventually illuminates our hearts. By developing a greater point of view we see more clearly. The result will be an objective perspective.