Quote & Pic of the Day, No. 1 of 24

Have you ever found yourself in an inspirational lull before? That’s where I seem to be at the moment, but I want to write and share…I need to…to help me keep the creative juices flowing. I worked on a post for a couple of days, but felt it to be rather dull so I nixed it. Given my state of mind, I thought I would share some of my favorite quotes, coupled with a photograph which may or may not have a direct correlation to the quote. Many people quote other people, and are very good at it. I follow Moorezart whose website includes posts that have a quote and piece of art represented from that particular artist. I am not attempting to compete with Douglas or copy him. I simply find his posts to be insightful, thought provoking and enjoyable to look at and read. My purpose is similar which is to inspire, perhaps educate, and to be enjoyable to view. I will post a quote starting today and conclude on April 30th. Hence the 24 days. Hope you follow and like each post this month. Comments are welcome. After the quotes are completed, I should be out of my lull and back into the swing of things, so-to-speak. This last sentence is a self-pep-talk. Ha!

9-6-8-2014 017

” Nothing is really ours until you share it ”   C.S. Lewis

6 thoughts on “Quote & Pic of the Day, No. 1 of 24

  1. All creative people cycle in and out of inspiration, it’s only natural. You have to go deeply within to find and recognize inspiration, when you come back up for air!

    • Comforting words. Surprisingly, I have begun to enjoy posting these quotes and couple them with photographs. Perhaps I am treading water as we did when we were learning to swim!

  2. Inspirational lulls I am sure affect most of not all creative people at one stage or another. I recently read an article in a photographic magazine which suggested to study other areas in art painting and art history for example even different genres to see if browsing outside of your comfort zone generates the creative juices.

  3. Beautiful photo of the full moon and I love C.S. Lewis.God bless you Michael

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