Wheels of Time


Grilles and chrome

IMG_1309 (2)

and hood ornaments and fancy headlights


and rear fins and long bodies


and more fins and classic styling


to the muscle car era of the mid-60’s and early 70’s


and just about any imaginable engine / trany configuration one wanted to pay for

IMG_1331 (2)

to modern muscle cars with more comfort, horsepower and better gas mileage

IMG_1327 (2)

one more icon, the Corvette


yellow was the new “hot color” back in the “day”


so was the celebrated LS Chevy engine, long front end, flared fenders, gills, T-top and so much more.

Not that many cars at this show, but enough to want more horsepower and nostalgia. Funny, no Mustangs or other high-performance Fords at this show. They are out there.

Today, car manufacturers are turning out faster and better cars than ever before…who would have thought after the 1980’s gas crunch, impotent and ugly automobiles and 55 mph speed limits?

By the way, the yellow Vet is for sale!



Quote & Pic of the Day, No. 5 of 24

I have learned all too well that I am prone to being anxious about what is next up for me in this game of life. I don’t get too concerned about the day to day things, but more about big picture things such as career choices, relocating to another home, dealing with confrontation, and even discerning God’s will. So, when I heard this quote in a talk a few years ago it resonated with me. Perhaps it will provide you with some comfort and peace regardless of the cause of anxiety. BTW, I am waiting for my 1960 Corvette!

April 16, 2014 019

” Enjoy what you have while you wait for what you want.”  Tony Evans