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I’m a sucker for colorful sunrises and sunsets. The splendor of the Sun’s rays illuminating heaven and earth is quite inspirational…almost a spiritual experience for me.

Watching an Appalachian mountainside come to life or a golden ball drop from view into the ocean is enchanting. Living in the middle of America this geographic area has no mountains or oceans, but we still have magnificent sun rises and sun sets. We are located in an area where warm air bumps into cooler air regularly and clouds often develop. I enjoy clouds as much as the morning and evening light shows.

I recall as a child lying on my back and staring at clouds as they passed by. Usually with a friend or my sisters we would call out to one another the variety of shapes that resembled objects we were familiar with. Often, we would see animals and people’s profiles. Clouds could appear happy or sinister and would change quickly as they moved through the sky. Pure joy.

I recall a time where I was with a group of people and we hiked up to the top of an eleven thousand foot mountain. It was a bright day, but a storm was fast approaching. As the initial wave of clouds began passing over us I recall feeling so small and helpless. We were in an area of the Rockies where there are many Fourteeners. These huge mountain peaks and valleys which surrounded us became even more menacing as the large clouds passed by. Their shadows rolled over the rocky terrain effortlessly. As the wind increased and became much cooler I easily imagined how one could perish atop one of these peaks without proper clothing and shelter. It was intimidating.

The image above captures one of our colorful sun sets. I like taking reflective photographs occasionally and thought it fun to shoot the sky reflecting off my Jeep’s window along with my silhouette. It appears I am shooting myself with the camera. However, I can assure you that my Canon has no bullets, only buttons and dials.

A Walk Around a Lake

Saturday, we had a break from the extreme hot weather which has blanketed the Midwest for quite some time. So, after performing some yard work, I hopped on my scooter to a nearby small lake which has a walking trail full circle of the lake. It was midday and sunny so I didn’t think I would see anything worth taking a photograph of. However, I grabbed my Canon with little expectation other than to enjoy the scenery.


Cattails are always a pleasant plant to come across, especially before they cotton out. The contrasting browns and greens are enjoyable to observe.


Much to our mutual surprise, this kit and I saw each other at the same moment. I was fortunate to have my camera ready and took this shot before this little beaver submerged into a wetland area. Beavers are amazing builders and fun to watch.


In spite of the midday sunshine, this lone drake was happily bobbing atop the water. Ducks are also fun to watch as they often turn upside down looking for food with only their tail feathers showing!


Toss in a patch or two of yellow flowers and I concluded a well-enjoyed walk around the lake with expectations exceeded.





Eclectic East Coast Images

In our recent travels to Acadia National Park and the Bay of Fundy, we traveled through much countryside and several cities of varying sizes, including the seaside town of Portland, Maine. The following images are compiled simply to view and enjoy. There is no particular theme, per se. Hopefully, a few will make you chuckle. Moose warning signs are in abundance along highways. The only moose we saw was made of bronze. Fortunately, he didn’t step out in front of our car. Acadia & Fundy 184Portland has some interesting characters which like to congregate on street corners. Acadia & Fundy 175Cheryl made the trip even more enjoyable by making friends with and photographing at least one dog a day. I am happy to report that she succeeded. Cell Pics 6-21-15 849

Acadia & Fundy 214I would like to report that there were ample places to relieve oneself during this trip. Cell Pics 6-21-15 834However, taking care of business on someone else’s lawn was frowned upon. Acadia & Fundy 360Have you ever seen a ship weathervane the size of a truck? Now you have!

Acadia & Fundy 004We found the owner of this gift shop to be rather resourceful as seating is not limited to lawn chairs nor are flower pots relegated to tables or stands. Cell Pics 6-21-15 861We had our doubts that local fishing boats could actually float when we came across these three trawlers.Acadia & Fundy 197We were relieved to learn that boats do float as is evidenced by these same beauties rocking gently against the pier. Can’t say we ever saw one motor off into the bay, though. Acadia & Fundy 212Thanks for sharing these images with us. Photos courtesy of Cheryl and Michael using a combination of Canon’s SL-1 w/ 28-135 lens and two Samsung cell phone cameras.

New Year Ramblings & Images

Greetings and Happy New Year….only ten days late! I have been reading numerous short articles from a variety of sources concerning new beginnings, transitions, reflecting, pressing forward, etc. Most have been interesting and thought-provoking. Some are inspirational and some are dull and predictable. Often, they come with wonderful photographs and other forms of art. There are so many creative folk whom have so much they want to say and share. After assimilating what I’ve read and viewed, I am compelled to ask a serious question. Does it really matter? I mean, if I were to write a pithy piece of prose that resonates with countless people, would that translate into something significant? Should it? What if I were to post an awesome, awe-inspiring photograph that took your breath away? Would that be of real benefit to you? My questioning is like the song from the band, Chicago, wherein the lyrics ask, Does anyone really know what time it is…does anyone really care? Rather helter-skelter.

Sometimes all our sharing seems pointless, like we are just screaming out in our own way to be heard; to be noticed. I guess the real question is this: Do we really matter? To quote from the popular song writer/singer, Bob Dylan, when he stated in one of his iconic songs, The answer my friend is blowin in the wind, the answer is blowin in the wind. That may sound rather ambiguous, but so is life sometimes. My conclusion is this: Yes, each of us matters. We matter to the One who created us; we matter to those whom we call family and friends; we matter to our global community; and we matter to our planet (includes our pets) and we should matter to ourselves if all is right with us. And, what we contribute matters, as well. Your life is not a mistake, and your existence is not happenstance. Unfortunately, I don’t have all the answers because we are all on a journey of discovery; as much about ourselves as anything else. To keep in-sync with my out-of-sync musing, I give you several questions to ponder…Why me? Why now? Why not? What next?

So, as I have thought about what to share with you who follow me or come across my posts for the first time (as if I were some sage and important individual) I give you the following. I am significant, but not because of what I do and how I do it. My significance is a direct result of who made me (speaking beyond my mom and dad). What I do with what I have is up to me and may or may not be of benefit to anyone. The truth is I desire to be a blessing to others. I stumble most of the time, but on occasion I accomplish my goal. I believe most of us want to bless others, and do which makes me smile. So, without further ramblings, I present a short series of photographs which don’t have anything to do with one another, other than I found them interesting and wanted to share them. I sincerely hope you like them. Perhaps one of them may make you smile or think or simply enjoy. Any thoughts on the above rambling are appreciated, as well. Samsung 1-1-14 391This photo was recently taken with my cell phone at a boutique gift shop in an urban part of town. I simply couldn’t resist the unique shape and arrangement of plants!Samsung 1-1-14 361Also taken with my cell phone. I couldn’t resist this painting before Christmas. So cool!Samsung 1-1-14 396 - Copy (2)Santa Carson waiting for his cookies and milk! Kinda short, isn’t he?SOHO Condo Bldg. 11-18-12Historic building in downtown Kansas City which formerly housed an Italian restaurant, and was turned into a loft condo building.494A local small lake with snow-covered ice…very serene at the time of this photo which was taken with my Canon DSLR.11-16-13 037I simply couldn’t pass up sharing this image; not so much because of its quality, but because of what it signifies…life giving food. I took this shot in mid-November near our home. We live on the edge of suburbia, but are still surrounded by rural areas. Shot with my Canon DSLR in low light conditions.11-18-13 022 Thanks for joining me. Wishing you the best in 2014. May this year be the best ever for all who view this post. As Tiny Tim said in Scrooge, God bless us, every one.

Autumn Beauty in Lenexa, Kansas, USA

Due to the severe drought the midwestern states experienced this year, folks around this area didn’t think we would have a very colorful Fall. However, after one much needed rain several weeks ago, the trees and foilage began to color-up, so-to-speak. Although the colors aren’t as vivid as some years have shown, we were surprised at the result. Attached are photos of trees and various other scenes taken in my yard, and areas close to my home in Lenexa. I chose these locations to hi-lite our area’s beauty (plus it was  alot easier to stick around home!). I shot with a Canon Rebel SLR. I hope you enjoy nature’s beauty from my perspective as much as I enjoyed taking these photographs. Have a great Autumn.  P.S. I have added some photos through Nov.10 th.