Eclectic East Coast Images

In our recent travels to Acadia National Park and the Bay of Fundy, we traveled through much countryside and several cities of varying sizes, including the seaside town of Portland, Maine. The following images are compiled simply to view and enjoy. There is no particular theme, per se. Hopefully, a few will make you chuckle. Moose warning signs are in abundance along highways. The only moose we saw was made of bronze. Fortunately, he didn’t step out in front of our car. Acadia & Fundy 184Portland has some interesting characters which like to congregate on street corners. Acadia & Fundy 175Cheryl made the trip even more enjoyable by making friends with and photographing at least one dog a day. I am happy to report that she succeeded. Cell Pics 6-21-15 849

Acadia & Fundy 214I would like to report that there were ample places to relieve oneself during this trip. Cell Pics 6-21-15 834However, taking care of business on someone else’s lawn was frowned upon. Acadia & Fundy 360Have you ever seen a ship weathervane the size of a truck? Now you have!

Acadia & Fundy 004We found the owner of this gift shop to be rather resourceful as seating is not limited to lawn chairs nor are flower pots relegated to tables or stands. Cell Pics 6-21-15 861We had our doubts that local fishing boats could actually float when we came across these three trawlers.Acadia & Fundy 197We were relieved to learn that boats do float as is evidenced by these same beauties rocking gently against the pier. Can’t say we ever saw one motor off into the bay, though. Acadia & Fundy 212Thanks for sharing these images with us. Photos courtesy of Cheryl and Michael using a combination of Canon’s SL-1 w/ 28-135 lens and two Samsung cell phone cameras.