A Walk Around a Lake

Saturday, we had a break from the extreme hot weather which has blanketed the Midwest for quite some time. So, after performing some yard work, I hopped on my scooter to a nearby small lake which has a walking trail full circle of the lake. It was midday and sunny so I didn’t think I would see anything worth taking a photograph of. However, I grabbed my Canon with little expectation other than to enjoy the scenery.


Cattails are always a pleasant plant to come across, especially before they cotton out. The contrasting browns and greens are enjoyable to observe.


Much to our mutual surprise, this kit and I saw each other at the same moment. I was fortunate to have my camera ready and took this shot before this little beaver submerged into a wetland area. Beavers are amazing builders and fun to watch.


In spite of the midday sunshine, this lone drake was happily bobbing atop the water. Ducks are also fun to watch as they often turn upside down looking for food with only their tail feathers showing!


Toss in a patch or two of yellow flowers and I concluded a well-enjoyed walk around the lake with expectations exceeded.