Mother & Child Reunion


Paul Simon wrote this song and sang it with his partner, Garfunkle, in 1972. Many theories have been postulated about its meaning and mere guesses abound. This is what we know from Paul…

IMG_1553 (2)

He was eating at a Chinese restaurant and saw a dish on the menu called “Mother & Child Reunion” which was comprised of chicken and eggs. He liked the name so much he chose to use it on a song at some point.

IMG_1576 (2)

Later, he had a beloved dog who was run over and died. This had a profound impact upon him. As he thought about this incident and thinking about his wife Peggy, he came up with these lyrics. Even he can’t explain it that well- it just came together, he said.

Aren’t these Palomino Painted horses beautiful ? Mother and daughter always together in a nearby field. It does my heart good whenever I see them. I’m glad I had my Canon with me last week. The song just came to me a few minutes ago, and I didn’t even have Chinese food at the time !

Destination Unknown

6-8-15 003This image comes to you as the result of nature’s generosity…this morning’s sunrise. We have had an abundance of rain this Spring and very little sunshine so this sunrise was a pleasant sight.

Tomorrow, I leave for a vacation with my wife. I don’t know where we are heading! This trip is her gift to me for my birthday. Cheryl decided to make this trip a surprise and has planned all of the itinerary and made all of the reservations without me discovering anything which would give away our destination. I am pretty confident we are not heading to Greenland or Antarctica because I don’t have to take a winter coat. I don’t think we are heading to the Mohave Desert or the Great Rift in Tanzania because I am not taking short pants or swimming trunks.

Funny, but I have anticipated this trip as much, if not more, than most due to the element of surprise that it presents me. Usually, we tag-team on making all of the plans for our trips, but I have purposely not wanted to know even though several friends and family members could barely contain their knowledge concerning this trip. I found this aspect funny. I will learn of our destination(s) tomorrow when we receive our airline tickets…perhaps I won’t know exactly where we are visiting until we actually land and get the rental car (burro or lama)! Either way, I am excited and grateful for this gift. And, I am blessed to be traveling somewhere with my best friend. Heck, I don’t care if we simply go to another state next to Kansas, as long as we are together. Well, maybe I would be a little disappointed.

Hopefully, upon our return, I will have learned where we went. If not, then I probably should have stayed there. Ha! In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine, appreciate the rain, and be thankful in all things. I am grateful for Carson who will be holding down the fort while we are gone.

Still As One

521Just two young kids who met in a high school parking lot: boy and girl, friends of friends.

Lights years ago or only yesterday? Love at first sight or infatuation?

Fuse lit, burned steadily, sparks flew. Engagement, marriage, children, careers. Laughter, arguments, making up, love.

Simple pleasures: leisurely walks, wrestling toddlers, playing with pets, ball games and vacations.

Faith sprouted. Questions answered. Peace arrived. Eternity drew near.

Trials and challenges, pain and sorrow, loss and grief, tears and disappointments.

Hope renewed. Love rewarded. Children married. Grandson born. More laughter.

Many goals met. Some dreams unrealized. Life mysteriously unfolding before us.

Uncertainty and certainty. Blurred perspective and clarity. Opinions that changed, and convictions which strengthened.

Still two kids and still in love. Still discovering, growing, hoping. Never alone.

Hands still held, lips still touch, jokes still told, content with each other.

Just two kids, totally changed, yet still the same. Paradox or metamorphism?

In love, in awe, incomplete without the other. Just two kids living life as one…since Cannonade won the Kentucky Derby!402