Living Drapes


There is something special about balconies of plants raining forth their vines for all to behold. They are like drapes fashioned by a master’s hand.

One would think the yellow awnings and mirrored windows are enough decoration to entice the hungry and thirsty to come inside this pub, however, someone wanted more.

“More of what?”, one might ask. In our up-side-down world, one might say more zing, more glitter, more glamore, more noise, more speed…more more more.

I prefer more calm, more beauty, more exploring, more discovery, more laughter, more fun, more peace, and certainly more joy.

This photograph offers me most of those things I want more of. There is beauty, a sense of calm  and a hint of discovery on the exterior of this establishment. On the inside I can imagine laughter, exploring, fun, and even a bit of joy.

One doesn’t need to travel to Old Quebec City to find all of these, but it sure was enjoyable to do so. I have come to the realization that I can find all that I want right where I am. That doesn’t mean I won’t visit other places, it simply means that I can be at peace in my own back yard. That is what I am learning even as I plan my next trip!



Still As One

521Just two young kids who met in a high school parking lot: boy and girl, friends of friends.

Lights years ago or only yesterday? Love at first sight or infatuation?

Fuse lit, burned steadily, sparks flew. Engagement, marriage, children, careers. Laughter, arguments, making up, love.

Simple pleasures: leisurely walks, wrestling toddlers, playing with pets, ball games and vacations.

Faith sprouted. Questions answered. Peace arrived. Eternity drew near.

Trials and challenges, pain and sorrow, loss and grief, tears and disappointments.

Hope renewed. Love rewarded. Children married. Grandson born. More laughter.

Many goals met. Some dreams unrealized. Life mysteriously unfolding before us.

Uncertainty and certainty. Blurred perspective and clarity. Opinions that changed, and convictions which strengthened.

Still two kids and still in love. Still discovering, growing, hoping. Never alone.

Hands still held, lips still touch, jokes still told, content with each other.

Just two kids, totally changed, yet still the same. Paradox or metamorphism?

In love, in awe, incomplete without the other. Just two kids living life as one…since Cannonade won the Kentucky Derby!402