Afternoon Delight


Took a walk in a local park with a small lake and came across several unexpected treats for the eyes. I don’t know what this flower is called, but the deep purple is so beautifully rich that I had to take a photograph and share it.

20190730_043006 (2)

Then, a group of kayakers worked their way around the lake. The gentle paddling and smooth waves added a sense of serenity.

20190729_191220 (2).jpg

A little further down the path we came across this guy’s skin. The reptile must have shed recently because the skin was entirely intact. Fascinating how snakes exit their outer layer of skin to rid themselves of parasites and give them room to grow.

20190711_090918 (2)

Came across another flower which caught my eye. Again, I don’t know the name…obviously I am not a botanist or gardener, but I do appreciate the unusual and the beautiful.

20190719_202024 (2)

Then, we arrived home to be greeted by our bright friends, the Black-eyed Susan’s. Not bad for an half hour walk in the park. May your walk in life produce joyful moments.


Morning Walk

Took a walk with the pup this morning and this is what we saw. Well, maybe only I saw this panorama as Carson’s eyes are usually focused where his nose is headed to…tree trunks, sign posts, bushes, unexplainable things which shouldn’t be sniffed, etc. As Carson looks ahead or down most of the time, I tend to look up a lot. Moments like this are worth the extra muscle effort it takes to tilt the head back with eyes wide open! Here’s hoping you have a terrific day filled with reflection of all that is good.

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