Afternoon Delight


Took a walk in a local park with a small lake and came across several unexpected treats for the eyes. I don’t know what this flower is called, but the deep purple is so beautifully rich that I had to take a photograph and share it.

20190730_043006 (2)

Then, a group of kayakers worked their way around the lake. The gentle paddling and smooth waves added a sense of serenity.

20190729_191220 (2).jpg

A little further down the path we came across this guy’s skin. The reptile must have shed recently because the skin was entirely intact. Fascinating how snakes exit their outer layer of skin to rid themselves of parasites and give them room to grow.

20190711_090918 (2)

Came across another flower which caught my eye. Again, I don’t know the name…obviously I am not a botanist or gardener, but I do appreciate the unusual and the beautiful.

20190719_202024 (2)

Then, we arrived home to be greeted by our bright friends, the Black-eyed Susan’s. Not bad for an half hour walk in the park. May your walk in life produce joyful moments.


Overnight Success !

60D 003What to my wondering eyes did appear, but several fungi sprouts. I looked out our kitchen window the other morning, after a good bit of rain the day before, and saw that these mushrooms had popped out of the ground overnight. I can imagine the ground parting and the stems erupting into canopies of white. Such a striking contrast to the green grass and colored leaves beginning to fall to the ground.60D 008There used to be a Ponderosa pine tree at this location, but I had to cut it down two years ago. The stump was ground down well into the earth and dirt plied over the spot, and grass planted. However, the fungi found exactly what they needed in the organic soil. The weather conditions must have been perfect, as well. I dared not try to eat any of these mushrooms for fear of poisoning or hallucinations! Besides, I don’t like mushrooms. I do find them fascinating to observe…so many shapes, sizes and colors.60D 009After three days they were still standing tall…until I ran the lawn mower over them. All good things must come to an end-even unexpected mushrooms. Perhaps you might have tried one?60D 011