Just a tree, a barren gaggle of pale branches

Standing out among it’s vibrant brothers and sisters

Rather out-of-place, but not all that uncommon

Illuminated by early morning sunshine-a reflection

Placid water became a mirror; green glass

What grew upwards appears to have grown downwards

Almost like the timber grew into the depth of the surrounding water

An illusion? A simple opportunistic photograph? A surprise?

Yes, a surprise of sorts as nature consistently creates the transcendent, the distiguished, the outstanding.

Magnificent Magnolias & Spring Surprises

008If one would look at only a blossom; one would conclude this is a flower and not a tree!005This past Friday, Cheryl and I came upon this Magnolia tree and we simply had to stop and take several shots. The folks inside the house probably thought we were paparazzi as we clicked away! As I downloaded these photos I was impressed with what I was actually seeing…not because we took them, but because of the stunning beauty of this living thing. Many of the trees in our area are coming to life, including the ornamental pear trees, dogwoods and redbuds which dot our landscape. Below is one such tree, but with a rather unusual twist. The weather turned from balmy to blustery as a cold front moved in on Sunday. The frontal clouds were awesome and made for a strange back drop for this pear tree in the front of our home. Spring offers up a surprise everyday, and aren’t you glad !019