Hard Right

20170728_093757 (2)

Talk about abrupt turns, this pine tree was hit with 100 mph winds ten days ago. The cutoff branch used to be pointed upward at an 80 degree vertical angle, but was snapped at the trunk, and then fell 90 degrees before the ground stopped it. Unfortunately, the tree cannot be preserved and will be removed soon. I planted a stand of Ponderosas on a section of our property shortly after we bought this house approx. thirty years ago.

Ponderosa pines are a beautiful evergreen tree, grow quickly and provide soft needles and great shape. Unfortunately, they are out of their temperate zone which is cooler and higher in elevation, so they are dying due to attrition. This particular tree must have been the weakest of the seven in this group. If you chose to, you can look at another post about this aging dynamic called SAP in last month’s posts.

However, this writing is more about people’s lives than trees-as vital as they are. Sometimes when I look upon a situation such as this storm damage, I resort to reflection and thinking about the days when I was younger and virile. I was invincible! Remember? Perhaps, that is how you may be feeling now…or just the opposite!

I have been encouraged by the profile statements and posts of so many younger writers. I see hope. Sure, there are the thrill seekers and those who boast about travel, but that equals adventure which is a good thing to possess. The self-emphasis will eventually erode away to quite confidence. In the meantime, don’t be surprised when a storm suddenly appears and takes you from the straight-away to a hard right. Go with the flow and see where the next path takes you. Reflect, accept and adapt.


Conversing with a long-time friend via email yesterday, Bill told me his wife was doing some decluttering and came across her dad’s wrist watch. He passed away 33 years ago-the same year my father died.

Something extraordinary was discovered. The watch was still running and had kept perfect time. And, we don’t know when her dad put a new battery in the watch…it could have been several years earlier before he passed.

How does one explain that? Pretty amazing.

The following photos represent a moment in time. On my return home from errands I came upon a vantage point where I could see an awesome afternoon sky. We had a thunderstorm the day before and these were the remnants of the cloud covering that had produced an abundance of rain.

You may ask what do photos of the sky and clouds have to do with my short story about the watch and time. I thought about that and came up with the following.  For every second I viewed the clouds moving and changing shapes and colors, time elapsed, just like the watch. Our every breath and heartbeat takes time regardless of how fast or slow they occur. That is the correlation.

My conclusion is that time is relative to circumstance, but not to the eternal clock which simply keeps on ticking until the day it stops. My incentive is to make the most of every minute because time, as we know it, may end at any moment for me and for you. It’s now time to share my images (all unedited)…pun intended!