Conversing with a long-time friend via email yesterday, Bill told me his wife was doing some decluttering and came across her dad’s wrist watch. He passed away 33 years ago-the same year my father died.

Something extraordinary was discovered. The watch was still running and had kept perfect time. And, we don’t know when her dad put a new battery in the watch…it could have been several years earlier before he passed.

How does one explain that? Pretty amazing.

The following photos represent a moment in time. On my return home from errands I came upon a vantage point where I could see an awesome afternoon sky. We had a thunderstorm the day before and these were the remnants of the cloud covering that had produced an abundance of rain.

You may ask what do photos of the sky and clouds have to do with my short story about the watch and time. I thought about that and came up with the following.  For every second I viewed the clouds moving and changing shapes and colors, time elapsed, just like the watch. Our every breath and heartbeat takes time regardless of how fast or slow they occur. That is the correlation.

My conclusion is that time is relative to circumstance, but not to the eternal clock which simply keeps on ticking until the day it stops. My incentive is to make the most of every minute because time, as we know it, may end at any moment for me and for you. It’s now time to share my images (all unedited)…pun intended!







4 thoughts on “T I M E

  1. Remarkable! There is so much connection between a person, and a watch. Sweat exchanged. Angst. Relief. Life experiences, kept to the never-ending beat of the . . . tick . . . tick . . .orchestration of the clock . . .

    As I opened your post, I’m listening to my daughter, EllaHarp, on soundcloud — sing her newly composed and recorded song, Time. Just for that, I’ll share it with you :)) Enjoy!!! Dawn


    • Greetings Dawn,
      What a privilege it was to listen to your daughter sing and play her composed song. I listed to Dirty Money, as well. She is amazing!
      Fantastic and unusual combination of harp and individual vocals with that genre of music.
      Thanks so much for sharing and for following my blog. I liked your comments, as well.

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