Rose of Sharon

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Hibiscus syriacus is a deciduous flowering shrub with large blossoms of various colors. These exotic looking shrubs can be found all over the world, and produce flowers from Spring to Autumn. They are a hardy plant and require little to no maintenance.

 Symbolically, in The Song of Solomon, Jesus is referred to as the Rose of Sharon. Sharon was a lush plain in Palestine at that time. The rose is considered by many to be the most perfect of all flowers. Since Christ is the only perfect man to walk upon planet Earth, the use of the rose in describing Him seems fitting. However, rather than Jesus (as the bridegroom) giving His people (the church) roses as a man would offer his beloved, He became the gift as well as the giver through His sacrifice.

 Hence, when I look upon our shrub producing a plethora of blooming roses throughout the warm Summer months, I smile and think of Him. Christ’s love and mercies-which are new every morning-refresh my occasional weary soul and remind me that life is a gift to be enjoyed daily. Just as hope springs eternal with each bloom, so His love endures forever. I hope you experience the Rose, and in doing so find peace and contentment.



Quote & Pic of the Day, No. 15 of 24

” If wrinkles must be written upon our brows, let them not be written upon our hearts. ”    President James Garfield       IMG_0081This post is inspired by a rather unusual person by the name of Edna. I don’t have a photograph of her so I substituted a rose which fits her well. Edna lives in the same assisted living facility where Cheryl’s father resides. She just celebrated her eighty-fourth birthday with her family. They went out to eat at a local restaurant-all but Edna, that is. She developed a swallowing disorder several years ago which caused her to aspirate. She almost died of pneumonia a year ago. As a result of her condition she now has a feeding tube. She mixes her pureed food together at mealtime and pours it into her feeding tube without ever tasting what she just mixed up. She doesn’t complain, but simply accepts this is how she has to live. Edna uses a wheelchair quite often because she is unstable while standing, but this doesn’t prevent her from leading exercise class for some of the residents! She is a joy to talk with as she is always positive. She is a simple person without pretense. She takes pride in working most of her life as a maid…and she loved it. She is intelligent and vibrant and a pleasure to be around. She may have wrinkles on her brow, but her soul is young.