River Rocks



There is something soothing about a clear mountain stream flowing steadily to its destination. Not a roaring river, or rapids, nor a trickle, but a swift movement of water which glides gently over the rock base with hardly a ripple…like liquid glass.

I love to stare at these photographs for the sheer simplicity and sublime natural beauty. The rock base with its myriad of colors and shapes, and the movement of water creating subtle illusionary effects is almost enchanting. Of course, I am biased because I vividly recall taking the photographs of the Merced River as it carves it way through the Yosemite Valley. Not far from this peaceful scene are several powerful waterfalls which reveal the force of water which cuts away rock and earth like a hammer and chisel.




Water is fascinating. When it flows it can be refreshingly relaxing or extremely destructive. It can be harnessed to create electricity, and manipulated to rise and fall to accommodate changes in elevations as with canal locks. Moving water can be lovely to behold as the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas attests to with it shooting water shows, and pleasant to be near when relaxing by a sculptured fountain. And moving water can be just plain fun as can be seen on the faces of children running through a sprinkler, descending down a water slide or bobbing up and down on breaking ocean waves near a beach.




What would we do without water?  Hint; absolutely nothing!



Liquid Work of Art

9-26-13 b There is something about moving water that fascinates me, especially when the water is natural and not forced as through a fountain nozzle. Fire, on the opposite end of the spectrum, can have the same appeal…hard not to be enchanted by watching it.
This afternoon I needed to get out of the office for a few minutes to stretch my legs and enjoy the beautiful weather. I drove to a nearby wooded park with a running stream called Mill Creek. From the vantage point atop a walk bridge I noticed a shallow area where water was moving quickly over rocks. Then, the leaf caught my eye. I decided to take a closer look and proceeded to make my way down the steep bank to the creek. As I knelt to study this site I marveled at the fact that this maple leaf had become trapped with all that water flowing over it-like it was painted on the rocks. The sun was illuminating the leaf and I realized that I had better capture this image before the water carried it off. I selected two of five images to share… a liquid work of art.9-26-13 a