Liquid Work of Art

9-26-13 b There is something about moving water that fascinates me, especially when the water is natural and not forced as through a fountain nozzle. Fire, on the opposite end of the spectrum, can have the same appeal…hard not to be enchanted by watching it.
This afternoon I needed to get out of the office for a few minutes to stretch my legs and enjoy the beautiful weather. I drove to a nearby wooded park with a running stream called Mill Creek. From the vantage point atop a walk bridge I noticed a shallow area where water was moving quickly over rocks. Then, the leaf caught my eye. I decided to take a closer look and proceeded to make my way down the steep bank to the creek. As I knelt to study this site I marveled at the fact that this maple leaf had become trapped with all that water flowing over it-like it was painted on the rocks. The sun was illuminating the leaf and I realized that I had better capture this image before the water carried it off. I selected two of five images to share… a liquid work of art.9-26-13 a

2 thoughts on “Liquid Work of Art

  1. just beautiful, how nice to see this on your break, I agree, water and fire are mesmerizing!!

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