With so much talk about down sizing these days, I thought it might be a bit thought provoking to explore the opposite end of this spectrum: up-sizing.


Small house. Much larger house. 1,000 square feet. 10,000 square feet. Ten times larger. One house is old. The other is new. One house is short. The other house tall. Sounds like lines from a Dr. Suess book !


Both houses serve the same purpose; to shelter humans from nature’s elements and to protect them from harm’s way. How many square feet does it take to do that? For some a Tiny House is just the thing…kind of like a camper on a permanent lot. And for others room to spread out including amenities that a small house cannot encompass. Things like eight bathrooms, ten bedrooms, a kitchen large enough for several families to cook in at the same time, a dining room that seats twenty-something, a family room with multiple TVs, a pool table, game tables, lots of couches, a wet bar and the list goes on.

Is a large house, the up-size one, built for practical purposes or for prestige? Maybe both. Not my place to judge. It appears the new house will be beautiful when completed. It appears the little house served its purpose for fifty-plus years. Times change and so has the economy. Values, needs, wants, locations and so much more are different than in the 1950s. So, which house would you choose to live in?

Sticking Your Neck Out !

IMG_1173 (2)

What a neck ! Has there been a time (s) when you have stuck out your neck (risk) for others or a cause? I certainly hope so.  For this Heron, sticking out the neck is common behavior, as you will witness by the next image!

IMG_1177 (2)

Perched high upon a tree this bird is all about searching for something. I assume that “something” may be a meal.

IMG_1182 (2)

As can be attested to by these photographs, something caused this lovely bird to stretch out the valuable neck line to its fullest extent. Can you relate?

IMG_1183 (2).JPG

Then something happened that I wasn’t quite ready (with my camera) to expect…a release from the tree branch to the air.

IMG_1184 (2).JPG

Freedom to pursue what he or she wanted to…how exhilarating to witness !

IMG_1187 (2)

Please forgive the lack of clarity, but as I stated, I wasn’t ready for this bird to bolt from the tree. However, I wanted to show the breath of its wing span and ability to lift that large structure from the perch.

IMG_1188 (2)

Birdie, as I shall call it since I don’t know male from female of this species, landed on a walkway bridge at a local park with a small lake. Birdie is about 3 ft. tall.

IMG_1189 (2) Birdie must have either become bored rather quickly or saw something it liked for it  took flight rather quickly…

IMG_1191 (3)

Birdie is seen “all out” as it crosses the lake for some unknown reason to me. Such a slim species of bird. Nevertheless, they are great hunters of fish and frogs and are usually found near water searching for the next meal or enjoying the cool of the water.

IMG_1192 (2)

One doesn’t need to ponder very long where the inspiration for flight came from. Birdie is gliding like a kite.

Such a privilege to witness this magnificent creature rest and then take flight. I hope you get a sense of what I witnessed a few evenings ago. Awesome !



Double Vision


When this double vision ends and I see clearly again, will I be any better off and make sense of life? 

When I feel that my existence seems like that of a spectator, will I ever become a participant?

When the cold of winter and loneliness of the holidays overwhelm me, will I cry myself to sleep?

When faith flickers like a dying candle, what will become of me? Will I have mattered to anyone?


I will be better off, and so will others, once I regain clarity, and I will understand my life’s purpose.

I am already a participant, I just need a little encouragement to help me understand this truth.

I will cry no longer-even though I needed to for a moment-because joy is just around the corner.

I will light another candle-thus keeping my faith-for my life matters very much. It matters to those who love me and to those who are yet to know me; to the lost who need me and to those who have helped me; to the sojourner who has double vision and to the blind who can’t see at all. No more tears, no more despair, and no more loneliness for there is One who loves me just as I am. Prince of Peace come join me now and help me to show others the way. 




Sprockets & Wheels


Sprockets are wheels with teeth circumventing the exterior edge of the wheel. The function of sprockets is to make moving something with force easier or to connect two or more sprockets together so that multiple things can move in sync. Sprockets are synonymous with gears in many instances.

Wheels are sprockets without the teeth and are created to rotate in order to move something. Wheels generally have a rubber compound adhered to its outer edge to create a smoother and quieter rolling experience. Often sprockets and gears are used to make wheels turn via some external force. Wheels are sometimes referred to as discs, hoops or rings.

These bicycles have many sprockets and wheels. They are rusting. They are not moving, nor have they for a while. The one thing they have in common besides the obvious is that they are not being used for their intended purpose which is to propel people to various places faster and with more ease than walking or running.

The above elementary descriptions about sprockets, wheels and bikes are offered as a reminder that we, as human beings, have many parts which are meant for specific purposes. Legs and feet to push the pedals which turn the sprockets that turn the wheels-all for the purpose of traveling somewhere. Arms and hands are used to steer and stop the bicycle. If you own a bike, do you ride it? Do you let it sit outside and rust? Is it broken, perhaps? Or, is it clean, well-maintained, stored indoors and ridden regularly?

If the essential aspects of our lives are not regularly used for their intended purposes and taken care of, they will deteriorate similar to these bicycles. I see this dynamic played out in certain parts of my life, and I don’t like it. However, I can do something about it. As with these bikes, rust can be removed, sprockets and chains oiled and tightened, wheels adjusted and tires filled with air, and so on. As with me, bad habits can be replaced with new and better ones. Talents which have layed dormant can be resurrected. Relationships once thought dead can be restored. New horizons of learning and exploring can become exciting adventures. All with the result of movement being made in the right direction. And, the ride can become quite enjoyable again. By the way, don’t miss the name of the closest bike…Free Spirit. Rather appropriate, isn’t it !

Quote & Pic of the Day, No. 16 of 24


There are paradoxes in life which can’t be explained easily, if ever. I have two quotes from the movie, Chariots of Fire, which focus on two runners on the British Olympic Team of 1924. Eric is a Scottish Christian preparing for the missionary field and Harold is an English Jew who is befriended by Eric. Eric runs for the glory of God while Harold runs to overcome prejudice. As you read the quotes, you can imagine the depth of each individual’s inner voice. Together, their statements constitute the paradox: one of knowing and one of confusion. Can you relate to either one? Maybe both?4-20-15 029” I believe God made me for a purpose, but He also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure. ”   Eric Liddell

” I’m forever in pursuit and I don’t even know what I’m chasing. ”  Harold Abrahams