Could Be A Painting

Could be a painting, but it’s not. A photograph, perhaps. Yes, a photograph, but why the blur? Was the camera movement intentional or was it a miscue?

What is it you see? Only a grainy image of dark and light and shadows? A sunrise or sunset? Water and land and trees?

How do you feel when observing this image? Nothing? A mystery to be solved? A sense of calm? A memory?

I know what I see since I took the photograph. I know exactly where this is and when it was taken. I recall the moment and swiping my cellphone as I depressed the shutter button. When I view this photograph I am transported back in time to a moment when I felt at peace as I watched the sun rise over a lake on a cool, calm morning. I like recalling such moments.

Clarity is often gained by reflection…


9-21-10 AM 004


Sunrise and placement of car.  Opened window and waited. Sun shifted over water tower.

Transmission power lines.  Standing tall as sentinels.  Cloud cover swirling about.

Camera shutter clicked open.  Image captured with delight.  Torch lit for a moment.

Energy revealed in light and lines.  What a way to begin a day!