Breath of Life

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A few days ago a dear friend of one of my sisters underwent a twelve hour surgery at the University of Michigan for a double lung transplant. It was successful and she is on her way to a gradual recovery. More importantly, she is on her way to breathing fully again after a life of breathing difficulty due to cystic fibrosis. To inhale completely without pain or restriction will be exhilarating for her. I have asthma so I get it.

My emotional response was one of pure joy and amazement as to the ability of medical science to perform such a surgery. I recall the first open heart surgery and the successful separation of Siamese twins many years ago and was just as dazzled by these momentous operations. For the University of Michigan, they have performed 700 of these double lung replacements to-date. A wonderful statistic.

As amazed as I am of man’s keen abilities and all of science’s achievements, I stand most in awe of our Creator who gave man the intelligence and abilities to do such wonderful things. The human body alone is the most complex and wondrous entity in the universe.

I am reminded in Genesis 2:7 where God breathed the breath of life into man, and man has been breathing ever since. Isn’t this a beautiful thing? I think so!

nov. 9, 2012 009