Baker’s Dozen !

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Mother hen with her brood of ducklings at one of Kansas City’s iconic locations, Loose Park. Watching ducklings or goslings (baby geese) follow their moms around a pond or lake is pure joy!

The babies don’t stray far from mom, but if one gets the idea to lag behind a bit too far, the parental command is given to get back in the group and pronto.

I named this post after what used to be common in the donut world. Years ago when you went to fetch a dozen donuts for the office or family, many shops would include a thirteenth donut which is how the term Baker’s Dozen became known in America. I don’t buy donuts very often, but in talking with people who do they only get twelve and are usually surprised to learn about some baker’s generosity. It was a really smart marketing idea as the shops which gave out an extra donut were usually the busiest.

Actually, there are several theories as to how this term and and extra donut came about and it didn’t involve donuts at all. Do some research and learn when and where this practice was born. Too bad it isn’t done very much today…not that folks need donuts in the first place. However, it’s always fun to get a little extra for no additional cost. As for mom and her ducklings, thirteen is pretty common. I wonder where dad (called a drake) flew off to! He’s probably looking for the generous donut shop!

Act of Kindness

On my way to the office this morning I drove a route which passes in front of an elementary school, and at its busiest time of day…drop-off-the-kids time. I usually don’t drive this particular route due to cars backed up for a blocks and traffic intersections jammed. However, it was meant to be as can be witnessed by these photographs. The quality is not the best as I shot though my not-so-clean windshield, and in a hurry. At first I was perplexed because of my limited view, but then I was pleasantly surprised and encouraged by what I witnessed.5-13-14 001What is going on here? A man with a cape. Is there a bull before him? Toro, toro!5-13-14 002No bull, just ducks ! This kind man was herding mama duck and her ducklings across the busy street. As the drama unfolded, I couldn’t help but notice how gentle he was despite the urgency of the situation.5-13-14 003As mama looks on, this good Samaritan makes sure each duckling reaches the safety…5-13-14 004of the grassy area, and away from the vehicles which could have spelled doom for these little guys. Notice her counting each one to make sure all made it safely across the street! Mama seemed grateful for his assistance. Due to the traffic congestion I didn’t have an opportunity to stop and tell this man that what he did not only helped some ducks, but made my day. This was no random act, but a deliberate one. Whoever you are, may you be rewarded for such an act of kindness.