I Can See Clearly Now

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Clarity can be described in a multitude of ways, but for this post I want to focus on the idea of how we view and live our lives. In light of the unusual political presidential drama, the continuing attacks by terrorist groups and the racial tensions which seem to envelop our nation, I wish to take a step back and look at these situations from an objective perspective-at least that is my hope.

Above and below are two photographs of the same field with hay rolls and green vegetation. Obviously, the focus is either near or far, clear or blurry. Similar to how we see  life much of the time. Certainly, one can pretend to be totally objective in viewing and interpreting our realm of existence and the part we play, but we are only kidding ourselves if we believe we always view life and situations with the utmost clarity.

My hope is this, as Jimmy Cliff sang in 1993: ” I can see clearly now, the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind. I can see bright (bright) Bright sun shinning day. It’s gonna be a bright (bright) Bright sunshiny day.”

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7 thoughts on “I Can See Clearly Now

    • “Crazy” fits these days…it’s as though the world has turned upside down. Of course, many a generation probably felt the same…it’s all a matter of perspective and vantage point. I appreciate your comment!

  1. Thanks again, Michael. I see the spiritual realm and demonic powers at work in these terrorists with their desire to kill, steal and destroy what God loves, and it makes my soul groan with sadness. I don’t understand why God’s strong angels are not permitted to stop and thwart this evil, but I suppose free will plays a part in that. Much of what we suffer on earth is because of the free will choices we or others make. It burdens me that so many people are so suddenly thrust into eternity, many without Christ. It hurts my heart to see this evil continue day after day.

    My faith grows stronger in it but oh, how I wish I could fix the problem with these radical, demon-posessed minds.

    Love ya, Bro.


    • Greg, I groan inwardly as I witness these acts of fury. It comes as no surprise to the One who created all of the beauty which surrounds us, but is being turned into ugliness. As you know, in the end, good triumphs over evil. Until then we must endure and be light.

  2. Ah, to see clearly one does need to take that step back and to view things from as many angles as possible. Agree, agree, agree.

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