In physics, white and black are not colors because they have no specific wavelength. In art, white is the absence of color while black is the presence of all color. Yet, in science (other than physics) white is color and black is not. Henceforth, color is defined in various ways, depending on perspective and criteria.

Carson is white with black eyes and nose. And, when he digs in the mud he looks something like an Oreo cookie. In this photo, the grass is green, the flower barrow a rusty brown, the trees shades of brown-gray and green, and the sky blue and white due to clouds.

Would it make any difference if Carson were black and the grass white? What if his eyes and nose were blue and the sky yellow? Imagine the trees being shades of red and orange, and the sky purple. Actually, the later actually occurs at different times of the year and in various regions of the world. It is a beautiful thing.

Does it really matter what color objects are, whether they be animals, nature or people? No. Then why do we get so bent out of shape when colors and people are concerned? Should we? No. Is this post too simplistic as we are faced with issues of color which are millennia old? No. No. No. What is too simplistic is all the complex rhetoric and reasoning behind the issue with color. People say it is complicated, but at the very core of this issue, the problem with color is not complex. It is just ugly. Too many people’s hearts are tainted with prejudice and hate. Simple, but tragic.

7 thoughts on “Color

  1. Thanks for the simple truth, Michael. As I observe our degenerate mankind, I see that we fear what we do not understand. Ethnic culture is a praise to our God, the Great Designer of variety and beauty. And yet, our natural sinful tendency is to look down upon persons who are not like ourselves. I saw a large man today, wearing a Scottish Kilt with a cool leather belt and interesting pleats, but this was in a town not at all known for welcoming diversity and so, he was getting the looks of astonishment like he was a strange creature from outer space. It’s too bad that our natural human bent is to fear and distrust. Without the love of Jesus changing individual hearts, the hating and disdaining will never cease. We must also remember that our spiritual enemy desires to steal, kill and destroy. He and his evil demons will stop at nothing to destroy everything God loves…and God loves nothing more than people.

    • How true, we fear what we do not understand. I agree that diversity is a beautiful gift from the Great Designer. Well stated, my friend.

    • Deebird, I have been so grieved about Dallas and Minn. & Louisiana that I felt the need to address the situation. Of course, we know what the underlying problem is, but I hope others will pickup on it. Thank you.

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