We’re All Ears !

All Ears


Have you heard, or perhaps ever stated, “I’m all ears” or in this case, “We’re all ears”? Of course the quip is really a response to someone telling him or her that you are waiting expectantly to hear what he or she has to say. Quite often gossip is associated with this verbal interchange. I doubt my two bovine buddies are interested in what I have to say, although they did move closer to me as I approached them. Curiosity, I suppose, although I like to think of myself as being approachable. Most of us do!

The sun was setting behind these calves as they became living silhouettes. I couldn’t resist taking the shot, and wondering what they thought of me as I studied their faces.

What do animals really think when they look at humans in a neutral environment? For dog and cat lovers, staring at each other is as common as interacting with children or reading a good mystery. Some folk say animals don’t think…or feel emotion, but I beg to differ. They take in a lot more than we imagine, as scientific studies have shown. And, even if there were no scientific proof, real life experiences where man and animal respond to one another like human to human is undeniable in many instances. So, to my silhouetted friends, I simply say, “Thanks for the opportunity to talk with you”. I hope you got more out of our time together than I did.

4 thoughts on “We’re All Ears !

    • Calving season is such a joy to behold…nothing new to you. I,too, have noticed the difference how calves and parents respond to visitors. Bottom line is young calves are especially fun to watch. Thanks for commenting!

  1. Bovine Buddies

    Michael, you are gifted with the beautiful craft of sculpting ideas into perfect words which convey those ideas to human souls, not just minds.

    Thank you for reaching out this way, along with your keen deep-set eyes for beauty. And you are blessed with a camera that can actually capture even more than our limited vision can view. Awesome. Just awesome.

    • Wow! I wish the cows were as impressed with my abilities as you so generously are, my friend. They just stared at me like I was an alien! Thank you, Greg.

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