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Charlotte's Web 2 I came upon this spider and her web during an early morning outing when the dew was heavy and the sun shone through the trees. Upon snapping a few photographs my mind immediately recalled the wonderful children’s book, Charlotte’s Web, written by E.B. White in 1952. This well-renowned book of many awards and untold numbers of happy readers has thrilled children and adult alike since it was first published. Mr. White was born and lived in New York, served in WWI, attended Cornell University, was a journalist for the United Press and the New Yorker magazine (among others), author of many adult books and three beloved children’s books: Stuart Little, Charlotte’s Web and The Trumpet of the Swan. We lost E.B. to Alzheimer’s in 1985.

He was a brilliant writer who occasionally conveyed his messages in unconventional ways. Take Charlotte’s Web, for instance. As one website author stated, “She manipulates events which lead to the outcome that we read about. The story of Charlotte’s web is written by Charlotte in order to save Wilbur”. White was quite humble and he avoided public recognition despite the plethora of awards he received over the many years he wrote. In this case, he hid behind Charlotte. It is rather interesting to note that his initials are an anagram of WEB. I told you he was brilliant.

I am reminded of the parallel between Charlotte’s love for Wilbur and her ultimate sacrifice and that of Christ. Just as Charlotte gave many signs by using her web-writing ability to create affection for the doomed pig, so Jesus gave us many signs by using parables, miracles and encounters to create affection for His Father in Heaven. He, too, sacrificed his life, and just as Charlotte’s offspring continued to leave a living legacy through their births, so Christ gives those who are drawn to Him eternal life.

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  1. What a beautiful picture. I love finding spider webs sparkling in dew. I didn’t know E.B. White was a male (for some reason I assumed female!) nor did I know he wrote books for adults – now I’ll have something else to look for at the library. We read Trumpet of the Swan last year, I’d never read it as a child, but found it charming. Welcome to the Unforced Rhythms community.

    • Hi Kelly. So kind of you to write, and thanks for the ‘welcome’. I appreciate your comment, as well. I didn’t know that much about E.B. until I did some research, and the more I dug the greater my admiration for him. I, too, plan to visit some of his adult audience books. Blessings!

  2. Charlotte’s Web is one of my favorite books, I still have my childhood copy. Amen to your wonderful post. In Christ, Tracy

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