Journey to Croatia…Post # 3

??????????I am excited to share these next set of photographs because they are of a little known area about one and a half hour’s drive NE of Split. The name of the old town is Skradinski buk, and adjacent to this town is KRKA National Park. This part of our trip itinerary was directed to Plitvice Lakes which is a much better known and larger national park with beautiful water falls and board walks. However, as we prepared to venture from our hotel in Podstrana, we asked the consierge what was the best route to take to Plitvice. He checked the time and advised us that we would be leaving too late to fully enjoy this area since it was a 3-plus hour drive and the time was already 10 am. He then directed us to KRKA and said we will really like it. He was correct. And, the cost to take a roundtrip boat ride to the water falls and park was very affordable. As was the case with Cavtat, this detour ended up being one of the highlights of our vacation. Funny how the unexpected can produce great benefits if we allow interruptions to become adventures rather than disappointments. As a side note, I have included a photo of a set of buildings which became the second electrical power generating station in the world-only after Edison’s at Niagra Falls (Croatia supplied electricity to a city before America because Niagra didn’t finish its distribution power line for several months after the plant’s completion). This generating facility was bult using Tesla’s alternating current rather than Edison’s DC power. Nikola Tesla was a Serbian born engineer / physicist. I find it rather interesting that this part of the world was ahead of its time (in some respects) back in 1895 !Croatia 136??????????Croatia 584Croatia 102??????????Croatia 110Croatia 134Croatia 128Croatia 132Croatia 600The next set of photographs are of the boat ride from the town to the park and back.  The boats shuttled visitors on regular intervals and took about fifteen minutes each way. This excursion provided some wonderful views of the town and Lake Krka.Croatia 081Croatia 089Croatia 575????????????????????Croatia 571??????????These final set of photographs are of the town, Skradinsky buk. It is typical of many small old world towns throughout Croatia with antiquated buildings and churches, sidewalk cafes, locals chatting over espresso, and stone stairways to higher elevations. With surprises around every corner or alley, we didn’t want to leave. But alas, the Adriatic Sea was calling us to return to its shores so we reluctantly left with another confirmation that Croatia is truly a beautiful country to experience.Croatia 055Croatia 076??????????Croatia 545??????????Croatia 054Croatia 059????????????????????

8 thoughts on “Journey to Croatia…Post # 3

  1. What gorgeous photos! The pics of the waterfalls were my favourite. It looks like you have seen some beautiful places in Croatia. I didn’t make it to Split but will keep it in mind for next time. Good job with the post!

    • Thanks Christine. We did see some wonderful places. It was raining in Split so we didn’t see as much as we wanted to. Krka N P.was absolutely beautiful. I have enjoyed your posts and photos, as well.Your Dubrovnik pics and insights were well done.

  2. Oh wow, there is a slight case of envy here as you went to visit a country and place that is high on my wishlist.
    Seeing all these gorgeous pictures made it even go higher up on it 🙂
    Thanks 🙂

    • I often have travel envy myself. It can only be cured by traveling! In the meantime, enjoy what we have while we wait for what we want. Glad you liked the post and for telling me.

  3. Thanks for bringing Krka to me – I had wanted to visit that park as well as Plitvice Lakes, but as you found, there were so many places to see, experiences to have, that I just plum ran out of time. I hope to come back and make this park part of my next itinerary. It looks fantastic.

    • You’re welcome. And, when we return, we’ll visit Plitvice Lakes and so many other places we didn’t get to see. Keep up the bucket list adventures, as your blog is fun and informative.

  4. Beautiful photos, it sounds like the small towns are the place to go! Thanks for the memories.

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