Journey To Croatia Post # 2

Croatia 1The west coast of Croatia offers vivid views of the Adriatic Sea, stark mountains, manifold islands, varied church steeples and old-world towns. As we traveled from Split to Dubrovnik and back, we explored different routes and experienced unique and stunning scenery along the way. We encountered pleasant and helpful citizens, much road construction, high gasoline prices (helps to have a small car), fresh food and good coffee.The next series of photos provide a glimpse of the beauty and diversity of the coastal region. Sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery. Thanks for traveling with us!

Croatia 3Croatia 5Croatia 6Croatia 102Croatia 103Croatia 106Croatia 118Croatia 201Croatia 225Croatia 228Croatia 10Croatia 111Croatia 2Croatia 407Croatia 230Croatia 2013 260

6 thoughts on “Journey To Croatia Post # 2

  1. Coffee here is an event which is part of the culture. The best part is being able to sit and chat for at least an hour while sipping…

    • That’s one of the many things I like about the European culture…relaxing with others over a good cup of coffee. FYI- I’ll have a couple more posts on Croatia, and one will be focused solely on Dubrovnik and another on KRKA National Park (one of the countries best kept secrets!). Thanks for visiting and commenting, too.

  2. wow, now I know where my love of good coffee comes from, it’s genetic! Amazing photos, an artist’s eye, also genetic! xoxoxo

    • Good coffee, albeit in small cups, was a blessing. The artists’ eyes didn’t have to look very much for interesting shots, they were everywhere we turned. We didn’t set-up one photo, but simply walked and shot. It was amazing.

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