Journey to Croatia…Post # 4 (completes series)

Croatia 153I can hardly believe that it has taken a little over a month to complete the four posts on our trip to Croatia. I have determined that Life often gets in the way of what we want to do which is not essential to living. However, sharing with others, whether it’s a conversation over a cup of coffee or revealing photos from a vacation, can be good for the soul and therapeutic. So, I wish to conclude this photographic series on Croatia by focusing on the city of Dubrovnik which is located at the southern tip of the coastal region of this magnificent country. At one time this city was its own country called The Republic of Dubrovnik, and eventually became a part of Croatia. There is much history associated with this city which can be found via a web search…very interesting stuff.??????????

As with many ancient cities across the globe, Eastern Europe has its share of various cultural, ethnic and religious influences. Many of these can be seen via the architecture which spans many centuries and culminates in the thriving port of this popular city. The first group of photos are of / from the old city which is totally encased by fortified walls. The second group of photos reveal the bustling and more modern city of Dubrovnik. I regret that we didn’t get to the old city at night. I have seen photos of the lights illuminating the ancient walls and glistening from the water. Beautiful.Croatia 393abCroatia 152Croatia 252Croatia 150Croatia 144Croatia 132Croatia 178Croatia 253Croatia 261Croatia 274Croatia 275Croatia 293Croatia 278Croatia 308Croatia 310Croatia 259Croatia 2013 170Croatia 2013 193Croatia 2013 218Croatia 2013 226Croatia 2013 234If you are into bright and vivid colors, an old world city is not the place to go, unless you find colorful mementos such as these magnets or look beyond the walls upon the Adriatic Sea! However, what the earth tones of the old world offer are sounds from the past which beckon closer observation and investigation…well worth the time and effort. The next group of photographs are from sites around various parts of the city which combines the old with the new. Dubrovnik is a vibrant city within itself, and becomes even more so with the influx of tourists which come from all parts of the world. We met wonderful people from England, Malaysia, Germany, France and many other European countries, as well as a few Americans. It seems that Croatia has been a well-kept secret from Americans until recently. That dynamic is changing. With the locals speaking English, it is very easy to converse with the population. We found our encounters to be quite pleasant. As I mentioned previously, Croatians are a very accomodating people.????????????????????????????????????????Croatia 2013 260??????????Samsung Pics 5-13-13 032Samsung Pics 5-13-13 038Samsung Pics 5-13-13 045Samsung Pics 5-13-13 044Samsung Pics 5-13-13 043Samsung Pics 5-13-13 062Leaving a destination vacation that we loved was hard to do, but coming home is always a blessing. One thing Cheryl and I have learned is to savor the entire experience of traveling…the good as well as the unexpected. I’ll conclude with a quote from a wise woman (my wife), “If your traveling hasn’t changed you, then you haven’t traveled; you have merely changed locations”. Here’s to making more memories. Thanks for joining us and please stop by again.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who “Liked” and/or commented on these posts.

14 thoughts on “Journey to Croatia…Post # 4 (completes series)

  1. Excellent images of a fascinating (and very photogenic) place. Great quote by your wife too!


    • Thanks Rey. I appreciate your generous comment and will let Cheryl know you liked her quote. Obviously, I highly recommend this country as a destination vacation!

  2. Thanks Taylor. The boat & pillars were close to our hotel. I couldn’t pass up the photo opportunity. It’ s one of my favs, too. Cheryl will be pleased to know you agree with her insight.

  3. Loved the artistically composed photos, great job Michael. Love the prose, the musings on traveling and especially the words from the wise woman!! xoxox

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