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One piece of nature’s tree. One sculpture of a man in pose. What did the artist have in mind when he/she carved this fine sculpture? It is rather life-like, wouldn’t you say?

Is he thinking? Looking at something? Simply posing? Relaxing? Arranged for our amusement? Whatever he was meant for, he is certainly enchanting!

Perhaps he is wondering what 2019 will be like. There are so, so many possibilities that I dare begin to list them.

Let us hope that he is contemplating a grand new year full of wonderful surprises. Wouldn’t that be great?

Too much negativity and hate in our world these days. Let love win out for once. Please.

2 thoughts on “Chiseled

  1. Fine words – not a lot of good around – your lucky you don’t have to listen to Brexit constantly – but then you have Mr Trump to keep u amused. Some love and tolerance would make for a fabulous 2019. All the very best Sir

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