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These gates are some of the most imaginative of design I have ever witnessed. True, there are so many diversified examples of ornate and beautiful gates throughout the world that one must stop and give thought about them. Wherever I have traveled-near and far- there are always gates. Some are simple wood frames with initials and some are colossal wrought iron wonders with symbols and elaborate features.

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This family loves horses and also have several horse sculptures on their property. These gates are their newest addition to horse yard art. Whoever the artist / metal fabricator is, he or she did a fantastic job of creating a very unique and functional gate system. Imagine being invited to their home and pulling up onto their driveway to find these horses facing you ! Dinner is probably as yummy as these gates are beautiful.

I ask myself, “Why gates, anyway? Are they to keep people and critters in or out…or both?” I believe the answer is ‘Both’. But, then I ask myself, what is so important to want to keep something outside the gates or inside the of them? This presumes there is a fence or wall which encloses the property and attaches to the gates.

There are so many obvious answers that the questions seem rather elementary and they are except for one scenario: the Heart. Not the physical organ which pumps blood throughout our bodies and sustains our lives, but the soul of a person which is somehow attached to the mind, as well. Would you agree that we erect walls to protect us from hurt and pain, and emotionally build gates to allow what we want to enter or exit the confines of the precious property within?

So, I think about the gates I have created. I examine whether they are locked or not. I reflect on what I allow to enter or exit. I think about the various stages in my life where I did and didn’t allow or disallow something in or out. And, I think about now. Who or what am I keeping in or out? Is my current defense adequate? Are gates even necessary? What is the cost to my personal well being? Is it time to open the gates to my heart…at least unlock them? Perhaps asking these questions will bring about a new dynamic to my life. I could use a change. How about you?

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