Yosemite, etc. 052 (2)

In today’s world of ‘make believe’ we can reconfigure just about any image, video, audio or written word to reveal whatever it is we choose to convey. And these illusions can be quite convincing…like that of a crafted magician.

Take the image above, I can name all sorts of explanations as to what it is: painted abstract art, sunlight on glass fragments, mineral bath, rocks from Mars, etc., etc.. Whatever it is, it seems to be a bit unusual which is what our culture likes to see and hear. Below is the real photograph and explanation.

Yosemite, etc. 052

This is a closeup image of the rocky bottom of the Merced River in Yosemite National Park. Simply breathtaking to witness the water flow over these time-worn rocks with the sun illuminating them through the water. Lots of peaceful energy here…kind of like God’s grace which flows across our lives…at least I hope it does. Whether we take the real or the illusion, there is a choice to be made every day. Not to say which is right for you, but I kind of prefer the natural image. Maybe that is because I was there and saw it and photographed it. However, I find both to be intriguing.  Here’s to reality and creativity !