Double Vision

20180909_191146 (2)

I couldn’t let this moment pass without pulling out my cell phone and snapping this photograph. The quality is not so good, but the subject matter is a bit unique. Afternoon sunlight radiating through the glass panes of our double entry doors created this effect.

Double doors with double glass panes, double shafts of light, and double windows are enough to give one double vision !

We recently lime washed our fireplace and the change was dramatic…see below.

20180902_151914 (2).jpg

So, we also have a double image of the same object before and after the alteration. We like the change and would be interested if you do, too.

However, the title of this blog really isn’t about fire places or shafts of light or lime washing. The crux of the matter has to do with how well we see life and adjust to its ever-changing demands placed upon us. I’m fortunate if I can keep up with today’s pace of living as it seems so fast and appears to be getting even more so. Sure, some of this is aging, but mostly it seems to deal with technology and mankind’s affection toward it.

Am I crazy or just having double vision on occasion?  I answer by simply saying, “Yes” !