Verdant With A Twist


Something vibrant and a bit unusual came to mind today…Gooseneck flowers sprouting from their lush, leafy stems. These lovely plants will take over an area of a garden like mint so one must be diligent to keep them in-check. The contrasts in colors, shapes and textures have always caught my eye since I first became introduced to these wonders several years ago. They are a hardy bunch!

To be forthright, I needed a moral boost today, and reveling in these flowers assists in this endeavor. Have you ever caught yourself suddenly feeling really low, but without explanation? Most of us have because this dynamic is not so unusual. What is odd about today is that it is similar to most days and there comes the rub. Today is like yesterday and the thought that tomorrow will be the same is, well, depressing if one doesn’t like today. However, tomorrow doesn’t have to be like today if one looks beyond oneself.

“Weeping may remain for a night, but joy comes in the morning”.    Psalm 30:5