Hole in our Hearts

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Carson left us today, but we believe we will see him again in Heaven.

After prolonged pain with his collapsing trachea which created difficult breathing and constant hacking, along with anxiety and stress, his suffering is over.

The decision was agonizing to make, but necessary. He is a part of us. Oddly, when I first got home from our veterinary’s office, the first thing I did was look for him.  I imagine there will be several habits related to Carson which will take time to lose.

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He was combination of many contrasting things: handsome, playful, independent, fun, stubborn, exasperating,  silky soft, gentle, tolerant, an eating machine, and the list goes on. He had a playful bark that sounded like a larger dog, although he didn’t bark much. He was great around our grand children-even when they were a bit rough with him.

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He was Cheryl’s shadow and she was the best thing that ever happened to him.

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He became my closest buddy, especially after his health deteriorated and I spent more time with him. How could you not love this guy?

Carson's Cert of Adoption

Although we only enjoyed his presence for seven years, it seems like seventeen. The Little White Dog Rescue non-profit organization is one of many terrific groups who help place needy canines with responsible people. For a bit more information about Carson, please go to my post on December 23rd, entitled White Christmas. Thank you.

Gone, but not forgotten. We will always love you, Pupdog (one of his many nicknames).




13 thoughts on “Hole in our Hearts

    • Yes, it is. The house seems empty, but we are adjusting. So many wonderful people have reached out to share their condolences. Of course, we are but one of millions who have lost a beloved pet so there is a great deal of empathy being poured out our way. Grateful.

  1. I love seeing the pictures of Carson when he was healthy and happy. Let those memories fill your hearts, especially when his absence is felt the most. Our prayers are with you. 💗

    • Deebird, you hold the key to healing the hole in our hearts. The house seems so empty and quiet now, but we will adjust. We already started talking about those fun times…will never forget our dogs on deck as we took timed photos while Jenga growled and Carson barked the entire time. Without volume the scene looked so peaceful…ha!

  2. Always a puppy. However small or large ones dog they all leave a very BIG hole in ones life. Time doesn’t change that….. but we have found that the painful stressful memories fade and the happy ones just become stronger. Joyful memories are precious

  3. There are few things in life that are more difficult to do than to agreeing to let your pet be put to sleep. I know I still miss my dog of 15 years even now 30 years later. My heart goes out to you on your loss.

  4. So sorry to hear the news. I still have the pic Cheryl sent me when you first adopted him.
    Our Buddy is getting close as well. We love you guys. Hang in there. Carson was very fortunate to have you both, and you having him!

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