Take Five

Poetry in Motion

Soaring to Glory

What gravity?

Take the Plunge

Bottoms Up !

These images were taken two days ago through my sliding glass door so the clarity lacks, and the darkness of the images due to the bright back light is not ideal, but I enjoyed watching and photographing these birds and many others. They emptied the feeder in a few days!

4 thoughts on “Take Five

  1. Hello, I love the birds! But I stumbled upon your page searching for some historic buildings in Kansas City. The Post from 2014 called “Stone Walled” stuck me. Can you tell me the location of this building and if it is still standing.
    Thanks so much for you help

    • Greetings Meghan,

      Although I haven’t been by this building in a couple years, it was (and still should be) located just north of Penn Valley College, on the north side of 31st Street and east of SW Trafficway. Good luck!


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