My father-in-law for forty-two years died Wednesday after a seven year battle with Alzheimer’s; that dreaded disease of the brain which also kills the body. Ugly.

Cheryl and I remarked that we are now the oldest generation within our immediate families…all of our parents and grand parents are gone. Strange feeling.

So many memories and situations. Not all were terrific, but the majority were good. Charlie always treated me with respect and with generosity. I am grateful.

Life goes on, but I feel like this abstract painting I photographed-it is full of mystic and interpretation, but leaves one wondering. I wonder about so many things.

Rest in peace, Charlie. Rest in peace. This is your time of reunion.


10 thoughts on “Abstract

  1. I’m sorry for your loss, Michael. And I understand that feeling of being the oldest now in the family. My brother Johnny said the same thing to me after our mother, the last of her generation to go, died at 90. It is a strange feeling to adjust to: being the elders.

  2. Michael I’m so sorry to here of Cheryl’s dads passing. I know this will be a hard time for her, her family and you.
    My prayers are for comfort for all of you as you go through the grieving process.

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