I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet

3-12-15 001” I feel the earth move under my feet. I feel the sky tumbling down. I feel my heart start to tremble whenever your around…” 3-12-15 002Carol King wrote and sang this iconic song back in 1971. It was featured on her Tapestry album, along with, It’s Too Late to Turn Back Now, another big hit. For some reason unknown to me, I often think of songs when I see something unusual or that I want to shoot…usually after the image is captured. That’s what came to mind when I down loaded these photos and decided to post them.3-12-15 003As soon as I saw the track hoe loading a dump truck, high atop a large rock and earthen outcropping, I knew I had to immediately stop on the shoulder of the exit ramp and take these pictures. I think it was the dark equipment silhouetted before the beautiful sunrise that grabbed me so strongly. Fortunately, I had my camera next to me which is usually the case, as I am an opportunistic photographer. For those interested, this construction work is but a small piece of a giant redesign of a major interchange which includes the confluence of three highways, located in a southern suburb of Kansas City. This construction, know as Gateway, is the largest single highway construction project that KDOT has ever engineered and attempted. It will take about three years to complete. As you can imagine, there will be orange cones, barricades, closed ramps, traffic jams and fender benders to add to the excitement ! Hopefully, the end result will be worth all the effort and cost.

6 thoughts on “I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet

  1. Ha Ha that shows my age – I heard this track covered by Martika in 1988 noise noise and diversions – which is all l think of when I see roadworks.

    • Scott, it appears I am somewhat ahead of you when it comes to music…like at least a decade! Notice, I didn’t say my age is ahead of yours!
      As far as road construction is concerned, I simply try to avoid it which is about impossible. So, the next strategy is to pretend it doesn’t exist and then hit all of the barrels. Or, grin and bear it, which is by far the most difficult.

      • I’m not so sure re music I have a very eclectic taste – and was probably born a decade too late. One of my first gigs was Led Zep at Knebworth (their last) Neil Young is my hero and I love Stevie Nicks – but closest to CK would have been Joni Mitchell – still listen to so much music a perfect editing companion.

      • Eclectic taste, indeed! Interestingly, my son favors late sixties and 70s music. Pink Floyd, Johnnie Cash. Personally,I think that era of western music produced the most vibrant variety of any era…it is tough to pigeon hole.

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