Brown Sugar

Sunlit Horse 2-26-15 006 She stands about fourteen hands tall with a whisky-barrel-colored coat of velvet, and a white striped forehead from eyes to nose. Her pose is strong and steady; her eyes fixed and curious; her breath like steam from a locomotive. The morning sun illuminates her form like a yellow halo. This mare stands like a majestic statue overlooking hallowed ground. She patrols her triangular parcel of pasture with grandeur. Even her grazing is graceful. She is the equivalent of an equine Joan of Arc: brawny, brave and beautiful.Sunlit Horse 2-26-15 011I fell in love with this girl the first time I laid eyes on her a couple of years ago. It was winter then, as it is now. Snow covered the ground. As I passed by the pasture and noticed her, I stopped, just as I did yesterday. On both occasions I got out of the Jeep with camera in hand. Then, she came to me and we talked a moment. This time she kept her distance, but was unafraid…she simply wanted to continue grazing. A freight train passed behind her and a caravan of cars in front, yet she didn’t flinch. I guess we all become accustomed to our surroundings. I don’t know about you, but I think she looks the same now as two years ago. Lovely, isn’t she? I think I’ll call her Brown Sugar.???????????????????????????????

5 thoughts on “Brown Sugar

  1. Okay, so more comments, I actually love the first two photos also, with the sunlight all around her, like a halo, just lovely!

    • As with any worthwhile endeaver, writing is a process. Thanks for the kind words. I thought this horse would appeal to you since you have been so close to several of them.

  2. Your writing keeps getting better, love the reference to locomotive and hallowed ground. The last photo is my favorite, beautiful work!

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