What Are They Talking About ?

10-14-14 016 A very odd occurrence happens every morning; thousands of what-appear-to-be-starlings gather together on the wires, steel posts and beams of an electric substation adjacent to a local business which is located in the lower industrial district known as Fairfax.10-14-14 002 These black streakers skirt about from wire to wire, post to post and pole to pole without any logical sense of order, but that is where the mystery stops. If you look closely, they are having quite a time of it. Each in his or her own way is sharing the latest gossip about the “other” birds on the block, and boy, is it juicy stuff. I think that is why they just keep flying around and around to share what shouldn’t be shared-much like humans. Or, perhaps it is the magnetism created by all of that electric energy? Regardless, they make for an interesting start to a morning, whether it is cloudy or sunny.  Really, what are they talking about?10-14-14 004

4 thoughts on “What Are They Talking About ?

  1. I love to watch them swirling in the sky like moving clouds, I always think of schools of fish, with a group mind guiding them. Great photos!!!
    ps, they are probably talking about all of the silly humans watching them, taking pics, eh?

    • Keen insight about the birds watching the photographer? Now, I really, really wonder what they talk about! Also, a great comparison about flocks of birds and schools of fish…how they move in masses in such a synchronized manner. Simply amazing to watch.

  2. Now I know why I wasn’t born as a starling , I don’t do mornings , or talk untill after at least..4 cups of coffee…but I do wonder what they said aswell 😉

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