I came across these images via different Pinterest posts. I don’t know the artists, but kudos to them for creating such dynamic and striking art. The lion seems to have been created by some type of digital software (just a guess) while the post title for the two fish states they are made of y a r n !


In a world which is tainted by hatred and animosity and seems to be driven by fear, we seek refuge from the darkness in manifold ways. Whether solace is found through what we see, hear, read, smell, feel, think or do, escape for even a moment can be beneficial. This is why I share these two images…simply to enjoy viewing them for a moment.

The problems we face today are not new-they just manifest themselves in different ways as a result of national and global dynamics. I believe solutions will be forthcoming, but we must not fall into the mindset that they will be easy. “One size does not fit all”.

I also believe that It will be beneficial for each of us to learn from the past, keep an open mind, turn off the hostile social rhetoric and relearn how to be civil towards one another. Years ago a police officer pulled me over for a driving violation (of course, I didn’t think I did anything wrong), He said, “Son, ignorance is no excuse”. I submit that we cannot afford to be ignorant of the causes for our woes nor turn numb when quick fixes are proposed. We must be better than that. I believe we are.