cell 2-26-15 007 Ever hurt so badly that even the pain of hurting someone you love more than life itself, and which pain was caused by self, becomes a numbing sensation?                                                                          Like the chiseled wooden man on the bench, he feels nothing…or so it appears. Man knows pain, and fear, sorrow and regret. Does this sculpture feel any of those emotions?                                                                                  It appears not, but at some point in time someone put the ax to him, and then the chisel. What was once a tree now sits a man. Was the metamorphosis painful? Only the wooded man knows.                                                                             I  know the numbness of my pain as I have chiseled away at the lives of others. Maybe you know this pain, too. One thing I have learned in life is this: tears come in the night, but rejoicing returns in the morning. I long for morning because some nights last a long time.

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  1. Morning is coming Michael, hallelujah! Love you!!?

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