Summer Breeze

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” Summer breeze makes me feel fine, blowin’ through the jasmine in my mind…”               Seals & Crofts 1972

Not a care in the world, these two. Unlike so many in our shattered reality. But, for a moment, pretend you are them. What joy ! Everything is a mystery to be sought out and solved. Life is full and exuberance runs wild.

The earth and the sky, the bugs and the pets, the lakes and the trees, all have significance and are filled with wonder. Time has little meaning and rest comes only after playful exhaustion. Oh, to be a child again !



2 thoughts on “Summer Breeze

  1. You’re pretty good with words Michael. I wish every day I could go back to my younger years. I might just start checking out your blog, Sir!!!

    • You are most kind Katrice. Yes, there are many days where I would like to go back. Instead, I try to find wonder in daily life just as you exude joy in so many other lives…mine included !

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