Question; “What is the most recycled element in our world (besides air)” ?

Since the conception of planet Earth and the introduction of water, not a single drop of this precious commodity has been added…it has simply been recycled. There may be elements in the periodic chart that are recycled more, but from an average human perspective, water is it. Without it, we perish. As I watched a Spring thunderstorm pour down bucketfuls of rain I thought this to be so.


I thought about the monsoons of SW Asia and the deserts of many countries, the high mountains throughout the world and steepes and plains which are manifold…each receiving this precious gift we call water. Some get way too much of it while others not near enough to exist. Yet, to mankind’s chagrin, life does exist in the most extreme of places.

I have watched fascinating BBC videos named Planet Earth, and I am reminded how unbelievably intricate the balance of all life is in terms of resources, ingenuity, adaptation and even reasoning. God did a great thing when He created the Heavens and the Earth, and chose to populate them with such a variety of life that simply exceeds all imagination.

But, the basis of survival is simply water. Recycled. Joyful. Water.

Treat it with dignity !

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  1. Good reminder! My daughter did volunteer work in Costa Rica a few summers ago…her whole perception of water changed after that

      • One of the projects they worked on was building walls for a woman’s house, and my daughter realizing first off that this woman had no walls on her house till then, and no indoor plumbing, and little access to clean water. And how the group she volunteered with brought in water for the kids in the group, and how that’s just not accessible or practical for the people there. She realized how wonderful water is, especially a New Yorkers easy access to clean drinking water

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