Garden of Angels


Drove by a cemetery on my way home yesterday

This tree captured my attention so I stopped to see it up close

It is a memorial of sorts with all manner of happy remembrances, letters and photos


Loved ones pronouncing the past with exuberance

I suspect those in remembrance would be happy with the holiday cheer

Glitter and garland aren’t limited to pine trees indoors


Memory can affect us in a myriad of ways

These folks chose to think of happier times

Makes me wonder what am I making now


Angels of sorts perhaps

Joyful memories despite all of life’s struggles

Jesus making Christmas possible

Merry Christmas to all

4 thoughts on “Garden of Angels

  1. A marvellous location and images, we have a similar place in Scotland where the rags that hand in the trees are dipped in the well to protect loved ones or cure children from awful illness a sight to behold – Happy New Year Michael

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